Located just 15 minutes away from Punta Cana International Airport, Il Lago Beach & Golf is conveniently close to a variety of entertainments and busy nightlife, while still maintaining the privacy and exclusivity you desire.


The Dominican Republic is an independent Caribbean nation with race mix of Spain-Africa-Native heritage, and  strong economic ties to North America. Located in the Center of the Caribbean , the Dominican Republic is emerging as a modern economy oriented towards world markets in Latin America, Europe and the United States.

The largest democratic country in the Caribbean. 

  • Population around 10 million.
  • Warm weather all year around.
  • Easily accessible by air from main cities of the world: New York – 3 hours, Miami – 2 hours, Madrid, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris- 8 hours.
  • Modern infrastructures such as highways, bridges, water waste system, water, etc.
  • Officially welcome foreign investment, the law allows unlimited foreign investment in nearly all sectors of the economy; there are no limits or screening of foreign investment.
  • A huge amount of foreign investment from different parts of the world: USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Argentina, Venezuela, etc.
  • No capital transfer limitations.
  • Secure Deed Registry System.
  • Title insurance services available.
  • Tax incentive law such as Confortur.
  • Special law for retirees, renters and investors: Tax breaks and other incentives.

About Cap Cana

The name derives from the French word “tapa”, which means “cape”, due to its location in the cape chain known as “La Majagua” between Cabo Engaño and Cabo San Rafael. The word “cana” is due to the large number of this type of palm in the project. So, the name CAP CANA.

CAP CANA has all the elements necessary to be the luxury destination of the region: the climate, the charm of the Caribbean the possibility of owning a beachfront property and enjoying the best golf courses. To achieve this, you have a team of the best professionals (architects, designers, engineers, etc.) who put their knowledge and experience at the service of the customer. In the middle of nature and bathed by crystal clear waters the seal of exclusivity is engraved on each and every one of the services offered by CAP CANA

About Juanillo Beach – Punta Cana Area

In 1968 the UNESCO stated about the area that:   That area is truly exceptional. Of all turistical beaches of the world, few have such fine grained sands and waters so crystalline.  The sand is so white that is difficult to believe that it is authentic. It can be stated, without doubt, that this zone is among the best in the world.”  Decades later this description still holds there except that the beauty of the beaches is further enhanced by thousand of coconuts trees and lush gardens.

Punta Cana/ Juanillo is one of the most developed tourist destination in the Dominican Republic.


  • Pristine white sand beaches;
  • Fishing;
  • Caves and panoramic views in Boca de Yuma;
  • Tours to several interesting location such as Saona Island, Altos de Chavon, Colonial Santo Domingo, etc.
  • High-quality discothèques that allow tourists to interactwith local residents.
  • Lot of restaurants and bars, with exotic international cuisine;
  • Waterpark and amusements parks such as Manatí Park,Scape Park, etc.;
  • Shopping Centers. Punta Cana Blue Mall, Plaza San Juan,Los Corales, etc. with well-known retailers such as Hard RockCafe,TonyRoma’s,TommyHilfigerstores,Puma,Louis Vuiton, Pizza Hut, national supermarket such Pola,Payless Shoes, Distribuidora Corripio, Chef Pepper, etc